The place to come to learn fundamental and advanced energy arts to connect deeply to the spark of Life that animates all.

Find greater health, happiness and your true nature.

For 25 years we have learned practices and yogas from ancient traditions including Dzogchen, Buddhism, Vedanta, Hatha Yoga, Daoism and Shamanism.

Our aim is to transmit these practices purely so that you can become truly free.

We predominantly teach Yoga, Dao Yin and Qi Gong exercises. These help with cleansing your energy, removing blockages caused by accidents, ill health, emotions, and physical tension. They therefore increase your vitality and well being, healing the root of tiredness, tensions and stress. Connect to your own intuitive wisdom whilst embodying your unique essence and power.

We offer classes, workshops, private sessions and retreats in the Chamonix Mont Blanc region as well as retreats at sacred places of power around the world.

Please come along or sign up to learn more.

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