what CHICHAMONIX offers

The place to come to learn fundamental and advanced energy arts to connect deeply to the spark of Life that animates all.

Find greater health, happiness and vitality.

For over 25 years we have learned practices and yogas from ancient traditions including Dzogchen, Buddhism, Vedanta, Hatha Yoga, Daoism and Shamanism.

CHICHAMONIX's aim is to transmit these practices purely so that you can become truly free.

CHICHAMONIX offers classes, workshops, private sessions and retreats in the Chamonix Mont Blanc region as well as retreats at sacred places of power around the world.

CHICHAMONIX's main teacher is Winnie Chang, who has been practicing Yoga since 1993.

Winnie Chang has immersed herself in learning from diverse lineages and with respected teachers from around the world.

Over the last 25 years she has spent considerable time on Meditation, Yoga and Daoist retreats.

Winnie Chang was one of the first female wingsuit base jumpers and has travelled extensively, leading expeditions and working as a photographer.

She is also a qualified Shamanic practitioner and blends all this life experience with her teaching and healing work.

Winnie’s particular emphasis is on opening and clearing the heart so that we can live a more dynamic and meaningful life.

Her healing work specialises in working to free up emotional blockages that are impacting on the quality of her client’s life.


Details on our current schedule

Current Schedule

January 18, 2019

Weekly QI GONG Classes @ Saatva Yoga, 75 Promenade Marie Paradis 74400 CHAMONIX Wednesdays: 1700-1820 Sundays: 1700-1820 For class fees please see: https://sattvayogachamonix.com/en/fees/

Group Classes, One to One, Private Healing sessions, Energy work in Nature, Retreats


I think what's special about Winnie's treatments is her sensitivity and empathy for her patient. She skillfully picks just the right combination of compassion, healing energy and down to earth wisdom leaving you feeling heard, treated and empowered.
Nicola Van Dyk, Financial Services Consultant
and Taiji Teacher

Winnie Chang has taken the Shamanic training to full professional level. She is an excellent Shamanic practitioner and a natural gifted healer with rare perception and intuitive abilities.
Winnie has the ability to teach as she is an excellent communicator and I can highly recommend her.

Eliana Harvey, Founder of Shamanka, School of Women's Shamanism